Reduce Stress with Mindful Drawing

Learn more fun patterns that help you to relax and create!

An easy drawing practice that helps you to feel calm as you explore creative play

Zentangle tiles for Pattern Play 1

As you draw, line by line, you feel your shoulders drop and a sense of calm

  • Slows you down with a mindful approach

  • A series of simple strokes turns into a beautiful drawing

  • Enjoy the process, whether you consider yourself creative or not

  • Follow along step by step or mix and match patterns to make your own designs

  • A creative practice that you can do anywhere

Your Guide

Sally Evans

I help you to reduce stress with fun and creative ways to slow down and enjoy the moment.

And to make simple, stylish and easy projects to create a more beautiful life.

Fine artist, CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher), Former Creativity Coach and Craft Designer

What You'll Get

A fun way to calm your mind and explore your creativity

  • Learn over 20 patterns and variations for infinite possibilities

  • Everything in one place without distractions to enjoy a meditative drawing practice

  • 3 hours of step by step video demonstrations

  • Bite size videos that let you easily pick up where you left off, whether you have 10 minutes or an afternoon.

  • Bonus PDF that shows you how to draw each pattern so you can play and practice offline